Attention to Detail

“You did not miss a single thing during the entire process, and often pointed out items which I had overlooked or not considered.”

“[Mr. Carris] is punctual, adaptive, and very knowledgeable in his chosen profession.”

“You obtained a fantastic result for me in my case. You thoroughly analyzed the situation and knew exactly what to do. I can not thank you enough.”

Understanding and Compassion

“All the way, over this long process, you have shown not only the highest level of professional excellence but also an understanding and compassionate personality, which allowed us to go through it all with calm and a full trust that the matter will be solved the best way possible.”

“Involvement in a tax matter is often a scary thing… You made it very clear that you understood my problems… You were compassionate and sensitive to the emotions one feels in these matters, and I never left your office feeling in any way diminished as a result of the process.”

“I was terrified because I had not filed returns for a number of years. I did not know what to do… You immediately comforted me through your knowledge of how my problem could be resolved. You worked diligently on my behalf and you did not hesitate to stand up to the IRS…You are truly in the business of IRS resolution. You are the best.”

“Immediately after I met with you my anxiety started to depart. I was confident in knowing that a seasoned professional such as yourself was handling my tax matter. I wish you the best of luck helping people like myself in the future.”

Tact and Diplomacy

“When dealing with the IRS and others, you represented my interests with the utmost in tact and diplomacy, and I am convinced that these attributes…made the difference in achieving resolution.” “I personally owe a great deal of my peace of mind to Mr. Carris’ extremely able, competent and cool and calm operating style… Please be sure that Mr. Carris is aware of how much I appreciated his efforts above and beyond the call of duty.”

“When I first entered your offices, I was not only terrified by the tone of the correspondence that I had received, I was also embarrassed that I had managed to get myself into such a predicament. You… treated me with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion; and you handled my case with a degree of professionalism that I am certain is unequaled.”

Focusing on the Future

“From the moment you agreed to handle my case, until the day I received the letter regarding the successful outcome, I never once left your office, or came away from a phone call, feeling less than optimistic.”

“You never missed an opportunity to remind me that we cannot do anything about the past, having competent counsel is a great way to deal with the present, and that all thoughts must be focused on the future, which will be better as a result of what we do today…I firmly believe this is what sets you apart from most members of your profession.” “Dave, you saved me. I can’t thank you enough!”

Insight and Sophistication

“Through your competent and diligent efforts with the IRS, you saved me millions… My case was extremely complex and you rose to the occasion and I believe you are second to none when it comes to IRS representation…Your knowledge of the tax law and your ability to negotiate with the IRS made you more than an equal match for the IRS agent in my case.”

“You helped me find a mortgage broker who got me a loan for purposes of making a substantial payment towards my taxes. Finally, you were able to convince the IRS to remove penalties and in the process, you saved me a substantial amount of money. I found that having you as my advocate and counsel instilled me with new confidence when facing my IRS difficulties.”


“I especially appreciated your follow through and your willingness to go the extra mile by hand delivering certain documents to them when we finally were about to come to an agreement… Throughout the period we worked together, you were always calm and low key, yet persistent in wrestling the alligators to the ground… Your manner made it very easy to work with you, and your tenacity allowed us to finally overcome the deadlock in which I had been gripped.”

Astute Judgment

“Thank you for your help in resolving my IRS tax problems that have haunted me for the past 13 years…When I retained your services, you were able to intervene and stop a particularly aggressive revenue agent in his tracks while an Offer in Compromise (OIC) could be negotiated…By your diligent efforts, I am finally able to close a horrible chapter in my life. More than just the savings is finally the peace of mind and relief of my 13 year nightmare.”

“It is certain that I could not have reached such a settlement if I had faced the IRS on my own.”