About Us


David A. Carris, Esq., has an advanced legal degree in taxation.  He has fifteen years of practice experience in handling individual and business tax cases.   He has a passion for his chosen profession and is dedicated to providing to his clients with the highest quality legal representation.  His result oriented approach along with his compassion for his clients has helped him to successfully conclude many cases.

Attention to Detail; Understanding and Compassion; Tact and Diplomacy; Focus on the Future; Insight; Sophistication; and Excellent Judgment.  These words have been used by past clients to describe their experience with David A. Carris.  These qualities make David A. Carris a leading advocate for Taxpayer Rights when it comes to helping individuals and businesses end their tax nightmares with the Internal Revenue Service and State Taxing Authorities.

David A. Carris’ goal is to aggressively protect clients’ rights throughout the process of addressing and clarifying past and/or present tax problems, designing a customized, realistic, and practical solution for the problems, supporting the client during the process, and doing everything possible to enable the client to regain confidence and prosper in the future, unencumbered by the trauma of the past.  David A. Carris’ relationship with his clients involves them in every step of the decision making process.  His “No Surprises” approach minimizes the stressful pressures of the case and helps lay the groundwork for an optimal outcome.